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Navet in Uppsala

Navet is the national SciLifeLab hub in Uppsala, a place to meet for scientists, facility staff and visitors from within and outside of the academic environment. The innovative architecture is designed to facilitate interdisciplinary meetings and serves as an inspiring atmosphere to promote creativity. The construction of Navet was finalized in 2013 with staff moving in during December 2013.

Introduction brochure

Download: Navet introduction brochure

More information 

Meeting rooms in Navet

Employees at Uppsala University can book the meeting rooms in Navet through a web-based program, TimeEdit, except for the triple rooms on the 1st floor. The triple rooms are booked by e-mailing to Visitors, who are not able to book through TimeEdit, can send a request to For questions about TimeEdit, please consult

Those who do not have access to Navet need to sign for an access card (Maria Bäckström, room E10:1205, phone: 018-471 41 94, mobile: 072-999 92 69). You always need an access card to enter the triple rooms on the 1st floor.

Booking through TimeEdit

To book a meeting room through TimeEdit, visit and log in using CAS. (Use your UU ID and password A.) You will find a guide about how to book rooms through TimeEdit.

TimeEdit administrates the process of charging the department for your booking. Make sure you write the information your department requires. For bookings not made through TimeEdit, the Office for SciLifeLab in Uppsala will handle invoicing.


All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, a wired network connection, a whiteboard or a blackboard, a data projector or a LED screen and the possibilities for a telephone conference. The rooms E10:2309 and E10:3309 have video conferencing equipment. It is possible to book a document camera and equipment for a telephone conference via Please let us know in advance what additional equipment is needed for your meeting.

To use the video conferencing equipment you just book the room E10:2309 or E10:3309 in TimeEdit as a regular meeting. Rent for these rooms is higher than for the other meeting rooms regardless of whether the video conferencing equipment is used or not. We have no staff on standby for technical assistance with the video conferencing system. If technical assistance is required, please notify, no later than 10 working days before the conference.

Wireless networks work very well, both UpUnet and Eduroam. Employees at Uppsala University can create a Guest ID for visitors through AKKA. For Guest IDs for more than five visitors, please contact Maria Bäckström.

Mötestorget – The meeting square

Mötestorget is the open area on the ground floor. It is often used for mingling events, lunches, poster sessions and exhibitions. Navet is a place for many people to meet. Booking the Meeting Square means that there can be other people there at the same time. The Meeting Square is booked by contacting the Office for SciLifeLab in Uppsala. Furnishing must be restored according to the drawings and the area must be left clean and tidy. Any additional cleaning must be ordered and paid for by the organizer. Cleaning is ordered from the cleaning unit:

The area is used for lunch and coffee by staff and members of the SciLifeLab community, but also as a meeting place for other events. If any out of the ordinary event is being planned, you need to notify Maria Bäckström to avoid unwanted collisions.

Guest rooms

SciLifeLab offer researchers/scientists the use of the Guest rooms in Navet. Guest rooms can be used to work for shorter periods, no longer than a week. It is possible to use the guest rooms on a drop-in basis, but if you want to book a room, reservations can be made through The door is left unlocked after use so that the next person can use the guest room. For keys, access cards or more information, contact Maria Bäckström.

Access to Navet

All BMC employees have access to Navet. In addition, some departments outside the BMC campus have access. Those who do not have access to Navet, or need to enter the triple rooms, have to sign for an access card (Maria Bäckström, room E10:1205, phone: 018-471 41 94, mobile: 072-999 92 69). For temporary access to Navet during a conference, University employees can go to the BMC reception desk and have temporary access added to their UU-card.

The reception desk (C11) is not staffed. Visitors can call their contact from the phone on the wall.