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Images and photos

Guidelines for images and photos

We use photos rather than illustrations as far as possible. Illustrations are primarily used when the content or message can’t be conveyed with a photo. The general image rules are that photos should be:

  • Coherent with the host universities’ guidelines on social and ethnic diversity and gender balance
  • Conveying our cutting-edge technologies, our competent personnel and our world-class research environments
  • Relevant to the context
  • Of high artistic quality
  • Of high technical quality – i.e. good focus and exposure and technically adapted to the medium (e.g. 300 dpi for printing).

We use photos of people, preferably active in their work, as much as possible – but reportage and detail photos can be used as well.

Media banks

The universities’ media banks

If you need photos to illustrate your facility or research, your university might have pictures that you can use. Most of the universities have a section of their media bank that is public and one that is only accessible for university employees.


SciLifeLab’s media bank

SciLifeLab also has a media bank with photos from facilities, research groups and events. As the usage rights varies (due to the photoshoots having been arranged with different photographers), the bank is not open access. But if you are looking for photos to illustrate your work, you are welcome to contact us at and we’ll be happy to help you further.


Stock photo suppliers

There are a number of stock photo suppliers from whom you can buy individual images or set up a subscription, e.g. Adobe Stock or Matton.

The Operations Office at SciLifeLab has a limited subscription of Adobe Stock and can, depending on the context and timing, help community members access pictures to use in information materials about SciLifeLab. If you are interested in downloading a picture, please contact us at

Please note that the pictures downloaded are only allowed to be used for the specific purpose at the time of the request. E.g. if the picture is downloaded for a roll-up, it cannot be saved for later and used for another product, as well.


SciLifeLab press photos

Our press photos are free to use in any context and can be distributed to journalists. Find them here.


Ordering photos

If you are looking to book a photographer, please use the procured photographer at your university. SciLifeLab’s Communications Office is happy to advise on photography and can, depending on context and timing, sometimes help out with smaller photography sessions. Please contact us at for more information.