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Staff guidelines and advise regarding COVID-19

The follow instructions are only meant to be seen as our advisory recommendations, and please note you should always follow the instructions given by your own university, Head of Department or manager. So it is important that you keep up to date with the information on your university’s website.

For people working at Campus Solna there is also information posted on the intranet which is being updated regularily


Our shared responsibility

  • Stay at home if you are ill or have symptoms of a respiratory infection, and wait at least two days after you get well before going back to work.
  • If you become seriously ill and unable to self-care at home, you can call 1177 for medical advice.
  • Remember hand hygiene:
    – wash your hands with soap and water
    – do not touch your nose/mouth/eyes with your hands
    – cough and sneeze in the crook of your arm.


Working from home

If it is possible for you to work from home it may be a good idea to do so, however
every member of staff must always consult their manager about working from home.

What equipment do you need for an acceptable workplace at home? Discuss your needs with your manager.

  • Is a laptop computer enough?
  • Do you need a keyboard and a mouse?
  • Do you have a charger available for your laptop?
  • Can you bring your office chair home?


Tools for digital working and accessibility

  • All members of staff who are working from home are expected to be accessible by email and telephone during office hours.
  • Slack (SciLifeLab-internal communication)
  • Zoom (virtual video meetings)
  • Pexip (virtual video meetings)
  • Video conference rooms

Each system can be useful for different purposes and may have advantages and drawbacks. Please allow some time to learn and set up your first meeting.

For more detailed information and links to online resources, see our guide to Virtual Meetings at SciLifeLab.

The event team are happy to assist if you have questions on when and how these systems – send us an e-mail at


Work from home – security

  • You do not receive the same protection at home as when you are connected to the university network. As always, do not click on doubtful links and do not open unknown attachments.
  • Make sure that you have a back-up system, even when working from home.