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SciLifeLab national COVID-19 research program

Launched through an open call for proposals, resulted in 67 funded projects within 9 focus areas. The projects are funded a total of 50 MSEK from Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. In addition, the SciLifeLab board has decided to allocate 12 MSEK of national SciLifeLab funding, for coordinating the program and connecting it with the SciLifeLab infrastructure.

Program Directors: Olli Kallioniemi, Karolinska Institutet and Siv Andersson, Uppsala University (also members of SciLifeLab Management Group)

Program Coordinators: Disa L. Hammarlöf, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Heidi T. Persson, Uppsala University (also members of SciLifeLab Operations Office).

The projects are divided into the following research areas:



In March 2020, SciLifeLab launched a national call for researchers nationwide, to create a comprehensive program to combat the coronavirus pandemic. A total of 285 proposals were submitted, with applicants ranging from Swedish universities and hospitals, and other organizations both in Sweden and abroad. The SciLifeLab management group reviewed all proposals and approved 67 for funding. The funded  applications are grouped in 9 research areas. The projects will be funded with a total of 50 MSEK from Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. Furthermore, the SciLifeLab board has allocated 12 MSEK to coordinating the program and connecting it with the SciLifeLab infrastructure, to further strengthen the effects of the initiative.

Besides scientific impact, the evaluation criteria considered were relevance and impact on tackling COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities created by the SciLifeLab community, possibility to form synergies and collaborations, commitment to open data and real-time updates of progress.

See proportions of each research area in the chart below.

The purpose of the SciLifeLab COVID-19 program is to create collaborative research capabilities that will link projects together to form synergies within and across the areas. With an overall aim to fight COVID-19 as a disease, improve its prevention, diagnosis & treatment and to better understand the epidemic.

This will be achieved by creating a unique multidisciplinary COVID-19 research program, with analysis and integration of data from molecules to viruses, host cells, patients, populations and in the environment.

  • Fund the best projects
  • Create and coordinate research programs
  • Link COVID-19 research to SciLifeLab infrastructure
  • Create a COVID-19 national portal

More information about the call is available at

For questions regarding the call, please contact