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Fellows program

SciLifeLab Fellows program

The SciLifeLab Fellows program is a career program aiming at strengthening Swedish research in Molecular Biosciences and on a long-term perspective lead to societal impact for Sweden. The host universities provide an advantageous economic starting package and together with SciLifeLab a strong interdisciplinary research environment in close proximity to a cutting-edge research infrastructure. The recruitment of excellent researchers in international competition provides an influx of new and fresh knowledge and ideas to drive the development of the SciLifeLab research environment. Moreover, the SciLifeLab Fellows, who both use and develop technologies where SciLifeLab has its excellence, can strengthen both the research and technology development through collaborations with the SciLifeLab research infrastructure.

The SciLifeLab Fellows program and the strong research environment in which the Fellow is active, will increase the opportunities for individual Fellows to attract external research grants. Within the SciLifeLab Fellows program there are also great opportunities for collaboration and networking within SciLifeLab, with the host university and with Fellows from the Wallenberg Centers for Molecular Medicine. The SciLifeLab Fellow will be an important link and ambassador between SciLifeLab and other universities in Sweden as well as abroad.

The SciLifeLab Fellow is recruited by one of the host universities; Karolinska Institutet (KI), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm University (SU), Uppsala University (UU).

The host universities are continuously recruiting new SciLifeLab Fellows.


Most recent recruitments

Saeed Shoaie
recruited to KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2020
Read more about Saeed Shoaie’s research


Pascal Milesi
recruited to Uppsala University in 2020
Read more about Pascal Milesi’s research






Erdinc Sezgin
recruited from University of Oxford to Karolinska Institutet in 2020
Read more about Erdinc Sezgin’s research


SciLifeLab Fellows

Alexey Amunts
recruited from MRC-LMB, Cambridge, by Stockholm University in 2015
Read about Alexey Amunts’ research


Jonas Barandun
recruited from The Rockefeller University, New York, to Umeå University in 2019
Read more about Jonas Barandun’s research


Lars Behrendt
recruited from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich), Zürich, Switzerland in 2019
Read more about Lars Behrendt’s research


Magda Bienko
Recruited from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, by Karolinska Institutet in 2015
Read about Magda Bienko’s research


Fabien Burki
Recruited from University of British Columbia, by Uppsala University in 2016
Read about Fabien Burki’s research


Jens Carlsson
Recruited from Stockholm University, Sweden, by Uppsala University in 2015
Read about Jens Carlsson’s research


Gustaf Christoffersson
recruited to Uppsala University in 2019
Read more about Gustaf Christoffersson’s research


Erika Comasco
recruited from and to Uppsala University in 2017
Read about Erika Comasco’s research


Sebastian Deindl
Recruited from Harvard University, USA, by Uppsala University in 2014
Read about Sebastian Deindl’s research


Lucie Delemotte
recruited from EPFL, Lausanne, by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2016
Read about Lucie Delemotte’s research


Simon Elsässer
Recruited from University of Cambridge, Great Britain, by Karolinska Institutet in 2015
Read about Simon Elsässer’s research


Olof Eriksson
recruited from Antaros Medical AB to Uppsala University in 2018
Read more about Olof Eriksson’s research


Marc Friedländer
Recruited from Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), Spain, by Stockholm University in 2014
Read about Marc Friedländer’s research


Sarahi Garcia 
recruited from Uppsala University to Stockholm University in 2019
Read more about Sarahi Garcias’s research


Daniel Globisch
recruited from The Scripps Research Institute, USA, by Uppsala University in 2015
Read about Daniel Globisch’s research


Jean Hausser
recruited to from Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, to Karolinska Institutet in 2019
Read more about Jean Hausser’s research


Paul Hudson
Recruited from U.C Berkeley, US and KTH, Sweden, by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2014
Read about Paul Hudson’s research


Kristina Jonas
recruited from LOEWE-Zentrum für Synthetische Mikrobiologie, Marburg, by Stockholm University in 2016
Read about Kristina Jonas’ research


Oskar Karlsson
recruited from Uppsala University to Stockholm University in 2018
Read more about Oskar Karlsson’s research


Claudia Kutter
recruited from CRUK, Cambridge, by Karolinska Institutet in 2016
Read about Claudia Kutter’s research


Yumeng Mao
recruited from AstraZeneca, UK,  to Uppsala University in 2019
Read more about Yumeng Mao’s research


Adil Mardinoglu 1

Adil Mardinoglu
recruited from Chalmers, Göteborg, by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2015
Read about Adil Mardinoglu’s research


Vicent Pelechano
recruited from EMBL, Heidelberg, by Karolinska Institutet in 2016
Read about Vicent Pelechano’s research


Sari Peura





Sari Peura
recruited from Uppsala University by Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala in 2016
Read about Sari Peura’s research


Kristoffer Sahlin
recruited from University of Helsinki to Stockholm University in 2020
Read more about Kristoffer Sahlin’s research


Mikael Sellin
recruited from ETH Zürich, Institute of Microbiology, Switzerland, by Uppsala University in 2016
Read about Mikael Sellin’s research


Tanja Slotte 2

Tanja Slotte
Recruited from Uppsala University, Sweden, by Stockholm University in 2014
Read about Tanja Slotte’s research


Alexandra Teleki
recruited from Uppsala University to Uppsala University in 2019
Read more about Alexandra Teleki’s research


Ilaria Testa

Ilaria Testa
Recruited from Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany, by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2014
Read about Ilaria Testa’s research


Aleksej Zelezniak
recruited from the Francis Crick Institute, UK
, by Chalmers, Gothenburg in 2016
Read more about Aleksej Zelezniak’s research



Interviews with our fellows

Alexey Amunts

Magda Bienko, Sebastian Deindl & Simon Elsässer

Fabien Burki

Jens Carlsson

Marc Friedländer

Paul Hudson

Vicent Pelechano