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Press - 2015

2015-12-18, PRESS

Tjugo spännande projekt går på djupet med arvsmassan

Hur påverkar omgivningen en amöbas förmåga att göra människor sjuka, och hur ser arvsmassan ut hos svampar som bryter ner skräp? Tjugo forskningsprojekt inom hälsa och miljö får stöd av SciLifeLab för att sekvensera över 3000 hela arvsmassor.

2015-09-03, PRESS

Study reveals the genetic start-up of a human embryo

An international team of scientists led from Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet has for the first time mapped all the genes that are activated in the first few days of a fertilized human egg. The study, which is being published in the journal Nature Communications , provides an in-depth understanding of early embryonic development in human – and scientists now hope that the results will help finding for example new therapies against infertility.

2015-09-03, PRESS

New mechanism discovered behind infant epilepsy

Scientists at Karolinska Institutet/SciLifeLab and Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden have discovered a new explanation for severe early infant epilepsy. Mutations in the gene encoding the protein KCC2 can cause the disease, hereby confirming an earlier theory. The findings are being published in the journal Nature Communications.

2015-06-23, PRESS

New chair for SciLifeLab

The Swedish government has appointed Carl-Henrik Heldin new chair for SciLifeLab, starting October 1, 2015. He succeeds Göran Sandberg who resigns on his own request after two years on the post.

2015-05-28, PRESS

SciLifeLab widens its infrastructure capacity

SciLifeLab strengthens its available infrastructure and offers further support to Swedish researchers with activities at universities in Gothenburg, Linköping, Lund and Umeå.

2015-03-26, PRESS

Olli Kallioniemi new Director for SciLifeLab

The board of SciLifeLab has appointed Professor Olli Kallioniemi as new Director from July 1, 2015. Professor Kallioniemi will be in full service from September 2015. He will present his research at SciLifeLab Day on April 29 in Aula Medica at Karolinska Institutet, Solna.