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Press - 2014

2014-11-17, PRESS

New cancer therapy-company based on research from SciLifeLab

Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS), a part of SciLifeLab, today announces the launch of a new biopharmaceutical company; Glionova Therapeutics, as a result of a collaboration with Patrik Ernfors, Professor at Karolinska Institutet.

2014-11-17, PRESS

Announcement of National Sequencing projects that will receive SciLifeLab funding

SciLifeLabs just approved the first 21 National Projects focused on human whole genome sequencing and biodiversity. In total, thousands of genomes will be sequenced within the projects.

2014-11-06, PRESS

Launch of the tissue-based map of the human proteins

A decade after the completion of the human genome, the Human Protein Atlas program today launched a tissue-based atlas covering the protein complement of the human genome. Based on 13 million annotated images, an interactive database has been created to show the distribution of proteins in all major tissues and organs in the human body.

2014-10-02, PRESS

SciLifeLab expands technology offer to Swedish researchers

SciLifeLab launches nine new national facilities available for Swedish researchers. The expertise in bioinformatics will be strengthened and specific investments will be made within single cell analysis, cryo electron microscopy and CyTOF-based techniques. In addition to the SciLifeLab host universities, Umeå University, Linköping University and Chalmers University of Technology will also contribute to these new facilities.

2014-10-02, PRESS

SciLifeLab receives funds for a new Illumina HiSeqXTen sequencing system

One of SciLifeLabs largest platforms is the National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI). In 2013 NGI performed more than 500 projects focusing on a wide variety of topics including human diseases and biodiversity. The projects were led by a large number of scientists from 11 Swedish universities and government agencies and have led to many high-impact publications.

2014-03-17, PRESS

SciLifeLab opens call for national projects

SciLifeLab now welcomes applications for the first national research projects, based on next generation DNA sequencing. The projects focus on two areas: whole genome human DNA sequencing to study the genetic basis of disease, and studies related to biodiversity.

2014-02-24, PRESS

SciLifeLab joins the Illumina Genome Network

SciLifeLab has joined the Illumina Genome Network (IGN) to provide researchers with broader access to Illumina’s whole genome sequencing technology. SciLifeLab is the first IGN partner in Europe and will initiate a national large-scale population sequencing program seeking to identify genetic causes of human diseases.