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Mercodia donates robot to help increase COVID-19 testing

Published: 2020-06-04

The Biotech company Mercodia donates a 2 000 000 SEK robot to KTH and SciLifeLab in an effort to speed up the COVID-19 testing. 

After contacting STUNS Life science network it took only about an hour before a suitable environment, where the robot could be most useful, was found at SciLifeLab in Solna.

“We bought the robot years ago but ended up never using it at full capacity. Now we hope that it can make a difference in the struggle against COVID-19”, says Mattias Gäreskog, Managing Director Sales & Marketing, to Upsala Nya Tidning.

Mercodia was founded more than 30 years ago and is developing and producing lab tests for heart and cardiovascular diseases.

Photo: Press