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About our infrastructure

Supporting projects from all walks of life science

At SciLifeLab, we provide access to a range of pioneering technologies in molecular biosciences. Together, our facilities enable the scientific endeavors of users from academia, industry and health care. Dedicated staff scientists can offer support throughout the experimental process – from study design to data handling. Regardless of your particular field of work, you are welcome to seek support from facilities at SciLifeLab. Most of our technolgies are agnostic to applications, meaning thay can be used to adress questions in a range of life science disciplines, e.g. precision medicine, ecosystem surveillance and evolutionary biology.

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User publications

Would you like to learn more about what other researchers have acheieved using our infrastructure services? Get inspired by the scientific papers in our user publications database.


Remaining at the forefront

Our infrastructure technologies are always evolving in response to the rapid global advances in the field. Facility staff collaborate closely with academic experts and industry partners, creating a unique testbed for technology development and breakthrough research.

Continuous technology scouting and rigorous evaluation by international experts ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of life science technology. Technologies that no longer fulfil the strict criteria of national SciLifeLab facilities, or that become widely available to the research community, are phased out to make way for emerging capabilities.