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Spatially resolved omics technologies have emerged quite recently during the last years, and may provide new insights into the spatial organization of complex multicellular biological systems.

The Spatial Omics facility offers access to technology for spatially resolved RNA and protein analyses of histological tissue sections. The platform comprises expertise around three state-of the-art technologies, established at SciLifeLab: Spatial Transcriptomics, In situ sequencing and CODEX.


  • Transcriptome-wide spatial gene expression analysis in tissue sections
  • Targeted gene expression profiling in tissue sections at cellular resolution.
  • Targeted spatial proteomic analysis in tissue sections


  • Study tissue heterogeneity.
  • Characterizing cellular organisation and composition of tumors.
  • Spatial cell atlases of organs and organisms.


  • Automated scanning epifluorescence microscopes.
  • Automated slide staining ecquipment.