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Ancient DNA

National facility

Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt


DNA, the hereditary material of all known living organisms, has a remarkable stability and can be analyzed even after very long periods of time. Such genetic material is referred to as ancient DNA.

Analysis of ancient DNA allows investigation of humans, animals, plants and other organisms that lived a long time ago. Preserved DNA constitute a part of our cultural heritage and can assist in analysis of the development of human societies and our shared history. Ancient DNA is also a time capsule that increase our understanding of the ecology and the evolution of life in the past.

The SciLifeLab Ancient DNA Facility (ADF) provides analysis a service for a wide range of purposes. We provide processing of samples in our state-of-the-art cleanroom laboratory, and computational analysis optimized for ancient DNA sequence data. We can provide customized analysis based on user requirements and assist in project development.

SciLifeLab is a Swedish national initiative to support scientific research. ADF operates on at-cost basis, and in addition provide subsidized analysis for Swedish and international academic users.

ADF is a part of Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Stockholm University and Department of Organismal Biology, Uppsala University in Sweden, and is co-localized with world-leading researchers in the field, providing access to the latest developments in methods and technology.

For more information or for discussing projects, you are welcome to contact us!


  • Complete analysis including sampling, sequencing, quality controls and data processing
  • Sampling of historical material for future analysis
  • Extraction of ancient DNA
  • Screening of collections of material for determination of ancient DNA content
  • Sequencing of ancient DNA and delivery of data for further analysis
  • Support with processing and analysis of ancient DNA data