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Services for Covid-19 projects

The SciLifeLab Data Centre has set up a number of tools and services to help with the collaborative work in granted projects. Some of the things available for the work in your projects are:

  • In Confluence, we can set up a collaborative workspace for your project, where you can share and edit information, documents, manage tasks and project plans, and much else.

Confluence workspaces can be made open or private to a team. To start a Confluence workspace at, please email See Confluence user guide.



  • For sharing and storage of larger files we provide you with a Nextcloud solution, all granted projects will be able to use this Dropbox style file sharing option for their files and data.

To start a Nextcloud account at please email See Nextcloud user guide.




  • The SciLifeLab Data Repository, powered by Figshare is a repository where you can publish any kind of data, documents, figures, presentations, etc. You can add license for how to use the material, and you will get a permanent DOI for each submission. This is a great way to share material, it has version control, and you can work on submissions until you actively choose to publish. This is not a system for sharing data within a project – for that, use Confluence. It is a system for publishing material. For a good example of how it can be used, take a look at the NIH data repository.

We will set up accounts for the PIs of the granted projects, email for accounts. More information is available at our support page.