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SciLifeLab Data Repository

The SciLifeLab Data Repository, powered by Figshare, is a repository for publishing any kind of research-related data, e.g. documents, figures, or presentations. Figshare is an open data repository used by researchers in numerous disciplines. Through an agreement with Figshare, SciLifeLab offers researchers and facilities the opportunity to upload and publish their research data through a dedicated portal. Figshare is financed by Digital Science, a firm based in the UK. 

Getting an account

Email and an account will be created for you. 

Conditions of Use

Individual users automatically receive 50 GB of storage space which can be increased by request. When uploaded data is published, a permanent DOI link can be created which can be used for citations. You must add licenses for how the published material can be reused. Files which have been uploaded and published cannot be deleted or altered, although the entry’s metadata can be edited  after publishing. The platform supports versioning of datasets in case the files need to be updated. See Figshare knowledge base for a user guide.

The research data uploaded to the repository is reviewed by a team of specialists before the information is published. Questions about this process may be sent to

Sensitive personal data can not be deposited in the SciLifeLab Data Repository, but metadata descriptions of such datasets can be submitted, see Sensitive data below. 

It is not allowed to upload illegal material, claim authorship of the work of others, or in other ways misuse the service in such ways that violates laws or research ethics. 

Metadata standards

Mandatory metadata: title, author, subject category, keywords, license, and description. It is also possible to customize metadata to a certain extent, but this feature is still under development. A ‘References’ field allows users to link to published articles which cite the data set.

Sensitive data

We are working on a federated EGA solution, where sensitive human genomic and phenotypic data can be stored locally in e.g. Sweden, and the metadata stored centrally at EGA to make the data discoverable. The Swedish node is close, but not yet in a production stage (hopefully later this year). In the meantime we suggest to keep the human sequencing data stored locally, and make a metadata-only record in the SciLifeLab Data Repository with contact details on how to get access, and for which a DOI can be issued. The DOI can then be used in the article to refer to the dataset. Once the Swedish EGA node is operational, and the dataset deposited there, the access information can be changed to point at the EGA ID. See, for an example.


Data which is under embargo, or cannot be shared for some other reason, can be uploaded and receive a DOI without making the files accessible. It is also possible to establish private links to enable collaboration prior to publishing.