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Communication and Coordination

Facility IT planning meetings 2020

The Data Centre has a mandate from the SciLifeLab board to express the voice of SciLifeLab units towards host universities, SNIC and other parties for issues concerning IT and data management, and to promote better coordination of the data infrastructure of life sciences in Sweden.

As a part of this work, we will host meetings on a regular basis to meet with the facilities, so you can talk to us directly about your current IT, systems or data management needs. Next round of meetings will be in September, but please contact us directly on any IT or data management issue in the meantime.

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We will follow up on these meetings by meeting SciLifeLab management, as well as SNIC, to present and discuss what you tell us and work to get the decisions and the funding to concretely address your needs, in synergy with the needs of all SciLifeLab units. Your input is invaluable and there will be many other ways for you to interact with us to improve IT and data handling in SciLifeLab.

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