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Data Access

SciLifeLab DataCentre provides a number of scientific resources of national interest. Among these are the Swedish allele frequency database, SweFreq, and data access services for large scale genomic data from SciLifeLab supported sequencing projects.


In 2017, the SweGen project published its findings, “SweGen: a whole-genome data resource of genetic variability in a cross-section of the Swedish population“. The data from this project is available to the scientific community, and this includes access both to aggregate allele frequency data (through the SweFreq database) and full whole-genome sequencing data from 1000 individuals, subject to access control arrangements. SciLifeLab Data Centre manages the access, together with NBISSNIC and the SweGen project group. The aggregate data in SweFreq comes with specific access terms but is generally available to the public. Please see these terms here.


The data set connected to the publication “RNA Sequencing Provides Novel Insights into the Transcriptome of Aldosterone Producing Adenomas“. It contains RNA-Seq data from fifteen aldosterone producing adenomas, Whole Genome Sequencing data from two aldosterone producing adenomas and one normal peripheral blood sample. SciLifeLab Data Centre manages the access, together with NBISSNIC and the AldoRNAseq project group.

Data Availability

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires data processing agreements, and the public genomics archives available in Europe do not enter such agreements. The datasets above will be deposited in a GDPR-compliant local EGA-node as soon as this service is available. Until then, the data is deposited on a secure Swedish server, but regulations by the service provider may make access technically restricted to PIs at Swedish organizations. Data access requests may be submitted to the SciLifeLab Data Centre.

Can I get access?

Yes, if the requirements above are fulfilled and if the subject of your study where the data will be used is covered by the informed consent given by the individuals sequenced, and if there is an ethical permission that covers the research project.

How do I get access?

Please use the documents below and send them to to apply for access to the datasets  or contact us at SciLifeLab Data Centre if you have any questions:



Coming Data Access Services

  • Access handling system
  • Several services for genomics