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SciLifeLab efforts addressing the COVID-19 pandemic

This page will be updated following new developments / Sidan uppdateras löpande

The SciLifeLab COVID-19 efforts are made possible through the support of Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, who has awarded funding to address questions related to the ongoing pandemic, both in setting up large-scale COVID-19 testing and analysis capabilities, as well as facilitating research to gain better insight into the disease. 

SciLifeLab’s efforts are coordinated with Folkhälsomyndigheten, the healthcare regions, Akademiska sjukhuset, Karolinska University Hospital, Genomic Medicine Sweden and Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. SciLifeLab’s host universities Uppsala University, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet and KTH Royal Institute of Technology are also engaged in the COVID-19 efforts at SciLifeLab.


SciLifeLab COVID-19 Action Plan / Handlingsplan

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The SciLifeLab COVID-19 Action Plan engages the research community and prioritizes the use of SciLifeLab’s national infrastructure to combat the COVID-19 disease. The Action Plan consists of setting up a high-throughput virus and serology testing capability, sampling & biobanking, as well as the launch of a COVID-19 research program. Taken together, we plan to create world-class capabilities to study, analyze, investigate or inhibit the Covid-19 infection at the molecular, cellular, patient, population and environment/ecosystem level. We will launch an open data hub and will build better models and predictions to guide e.g. medical treatments or non-pharmaceutical interventions in the future.

The COVID-19 action plan promotes national collaborations, team science, communication, data sharing and rapid implementation.

The action plan consists of four main parts:

1. SciLifeLab/KAW program for SARS-Cov-2 virus testing

Consisting of:

2. SciLifeLab national COVID-19 research program

Launched through an open call for proposals, resulted in 67 funded projects within 9 focus areas. The projects are funded a total of 50 MSEK from Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. In addition, the SciLifeLab board has decided to allocate 12 MSEK of national SciLifeLab funding, for coordinating the program and connecting it with the SciLifeLab infrastructure, to further strengthen the effects of the effort.

  • Biobanks for COVID-19 research 
  • Diagnostics for virus 
  • Viral sequence evolution 
  • High-throughput and high-content serology
  • Biomarkers and systems immunology
  • Host cell systems biology and targets 
  • Drug discovery and repurposing of drugs 
  • Environmental virus profiling 
  • Data-driven research – models and AI

Proportions of each research area in the SciLifeLab national COVID-19 research program. Read more about the program and research areas on: 
SciLifeLab national COVID-19 research program

3. SciLifeLab COVID-19 Data Hub

Focused on enabling Swedish researchers to create a national data hub as well as link with the EMBL-EBI COVID-19 data portal.

4. SciLifeLab infrastructure facilities prioritize COVID-19 projects

SciLifeLab service facilities are now encouraged to prioritize projects regarding COVID-19. As a national, government-funded research infrastructure in Sweden, SciLifeLab can make advanced technologies and expertise available to support researchers working on COVID-19. As always, feasibility and quality are key when our facilities approve applications for service.

Are you conducting a COVID-19 project and unsure of which infrastructure facility to contact? Send an email to  and we will guide you from there. 


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News updates / Nyhetsuppdateringar

News updates on SciLifeLab efforts adressing COVID-19 is available at
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Image credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention