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Frequently asked questions


How is SciLifeLab financed?
The national infrastructure is funded through grants from the Swedish government. The grant is part of the Swedish government’s efforts to strengthen life science in Sweden during the years to come (presented in the research and innovation bill 2012). The SciLifeLab national infrastructure formally started operations July 1 2013. SciLifeLab is also funded by two grants from the Swedish government to strengthen large interdisciplinary research projects within molecular biosciences and to support excellent researchers in the beginning of their career (presented in the research and innovation bill 2008). In addition, research groups within SciLifeLab are funded from many different private and government agencies.

How is the national infrastructure reviewed?
SciLifeLab has a review process for each platform and facility that wants to be a national infrastructure. During 2015 SciLifeLab was evaluated as a center by an international Scientific Advisory Board and the Swedish Research Council. During 2016, an internal evaluation is being carried out to determine how the infrastructure should be designed in the future.

What researchers belong to SciLifeLab?
SciLifeLab faculties are employed by one of the four host universities (Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Uppsala University).

Who can get support from SciLifeLab?
SciLifeLab is a national resource, and open for researchers within academia, health care and industry from all over Sweden. International users are also welcome. Users from industry or outside Sweden are charged at full cost.

What does it cost to use technologies and expertise at SciLifeLab?
Swedish researchers using the infrastructure available at SciLifeLab typically pay only for reagents and other consumables. Users from commercial companies pay the actual costs of the analyses performed.

How does SciLifeLab prioritize among the projects?
The prioritization differs from platform to platform and might vary between facilities within one platform as well. Some platforms work on a “first come first served” basis while others take on projects that they believe to be realistic and fit their competence and capacity. The steering group of each platform also decides on a process for project prioritization. For more detailed information, please consult the relevant platform or facility.

What is the waiting time for analysis and/or feedback?
This differs from platform to platform and might vary between facilities within one platform as well. The waiting time also depends on the analyses and services needed for each individual project. For more detailed information about this, please contact the relevant platform or facility.